Ustinov & Hoffmann construction system

Ustinov & Hoffmann construction system

« The technology developed by UHCS will be to construction what Swatch was to watchmaking in the early 80s. A revolution in simplicity »

DR. Ernst Thomke (Swatch)

An alternative to traditional materials

UHCS is a patented modular construction system developed in Switzerland made only of recycled PET. By recycling the available non-biodegradable PET to face the international housing necessity, UHCS also lessens the impact of human needs on nature, by providing this economical and technical solution. UHCS is designed to be easily industrially produced in large scale by extrusion or 3D printer, profiles assemble as in a Lego game to form walls floors selling’s organized under a cubic structural standard which is suitable for an infinite architectural composition also adaptable to local cultural traditions.

How does it work?

Upcycling of plastic waste

UHCS – recycles or more so upcycles the international plastic (PET) wastes.

Accessibility to habitat

UHCS – renders accessibility to habitat, and encourage local circular economy.

Itself recyclable

UHCS – Is the only construction system that is itself recyclable to serve future human needs.

The energy potential of our houses


A modular construction system which resembles a building block game. A set of beams and walls made of recycled PET filled with a foam of the same material.


The use of plastic waste gives this material a second life. Its recycling holds out the promise of a healthier world, saves the oceans and enables buildings that are themselves recyclable to be put up.


The calculation is very simple. Taking the average price per tonne of recycled PET, the cost of extruding the raw material, the architect’s fees and the cost of building the house itself, a module of 11.6 square metres costs around CHF 270.–/m2 in Switzerland. Generally self-sufficient in energy thanks to the use of solar panels, each house can sell on its surplus electricity production.


The evident valorisation of PET and other plastic materials makes the system inherently ecological. We do not throw away or destroy: we transform. What is more, after around 80 years, each dwelling that has come to the end of its useful life can be recycled again or destroyed with a minimum impact on nature.

Igor Ustinov

« Plastic waste is not our enemy – Let us make it an ally. »

Igor Ustinov

A prestigious sculptor who has designed monuments in several big European cities, creator of the “Benois de la Danse” at the Bolshoi, a classical singer and holder of an MPO degree in biology from the University of Paris VII.

Igor Ustinov has worked for artists on the Board of Directors of the ADAGP. He founded and inspires several foundations and associations. He presides over the “Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation”, named after his father, which is active on behalf of children, the “Ustinov Institute” which fights prejudice and the “Ustinov Prejudice Awareness Forum Association” which conducts an open debate about the negative effects of prejudice and the importance of respect as a value for social progress and for the environment.  

He is a member of the Executive Boards of the “Winds of Hope Foundation” created by Bertrand Piccard, the “Carène Foundation” and the “Pro Valat Foundation.”

Apart from his active commitments, primarily structured in his “Ustinov network”, Igor Ustinov is first and foremost an artist, a creator!

André Hoffmann’s main activity is in two sectors: the pharmaceutical industry and sustainable development in the world of the economy and education.

André Hoffmann is Vice-President of Roche Holdings in Switzerland, a global pharmaceutical company which was founded in 1896 by his great-grandfather.

He benefits from an unrivalled track record in environmental protection and sustainable development. He played an active role on the Board of WWF International as Vice-President and also with Wetlands International, Global Footprint Network (where he was appointed honorary President) and at FIBA, a Mauritanian NGO which has in the meantime merged with the MAVA Foundation.  

Through his many initiatives, Mr Hoffmann seeks to influence long-term economic strategy to ensure that companies are not valued solely on the basis of their financial management, but also in the light of their social and environmental contribution.

2ème édition de l’International CleanTech Week du 19 au 22 juin

UHCS sera présent au prochain salon d'Annecy - 2ème édition de l’International CleanTech Week : les greentech font leur festival du 19 au 22 juin 2019

Les renouvelables vont-elles créer une nouvelle dépendance au béton?

La plupart des nouvelles technologies liées à l’énergie bas carbone nécessitent une quantité importante de ressources minérales.

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UHCS constructions are universal. Single or semi-detached houses – with all the certifications of the best European standards (SIA certifications for Switzerland and ISO for the world).


Authorized partners from around the world produce the basic material under license, deliver it, and let the architects take care of it in the right forms of the final object. If you want to become one of these partners, contact us.